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Flashcards are gone


I noticed that flashcards feature in words tab is missing on the website.

I have checked the new app Tinycards as a replacement of flashcards. Although it is a nice app, it lacks the information of "word strengths". Previously, Duolingo was able to track which word we did not repeat recently and use it to determine word strengths.

Will Tinycards be able to track word strengths? If not, would you consider bringing flashcards back?


June 16, 2017



I tried the tiny cards, but since it doesn't match up with where I am on my Duolingo Tree I don't find it that helpful.


I was looking for the flashcards too yesterday. I think they were helpful.


I could possibly be wrong, but the flashcards in the word section were removed because of the recent rewrite on the entire website.


So, will they bring it back or is it gone forever?


To be honest, the flashcards won't be brought back. As a replacement, you could use TinyCards, which is similar to the original flashcards in the words section.


Tinycards is not a replacement for flash cards, it's a completely different mode of learning, much more time-intensive or time-wasting (if you use it the way it is designed) and it doesn't tie in with your Duolingo activity.


Actually, they are pretty much the same thing except tinycards lacks the duolingo activity.



And the quizzes are gone. I would test myself every two months to gauge my progress. Very disappointing.


I agree that flashcards were useful - why were they taken down? Thanks!


I found flashcards for duolingo's french course in this tinycards link. I'm not sure if they match up with your french level at duolingo. But might be useful: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/courses/CAUdq/duolingo-french-course

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