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Duolingo. You took my Lingots man.

I did one of those seven day wager things, right? And I won, right? So it congratulated me and all that junk and gave me my 10 Lingots. Cool, whatever. I had 77. So, I finish strengthening one of my skills, and I look in the corner of the screen and... guess what I see. Yes, Duolingo took them back. 10 Lingots my dude, lol. I refreshed the page like 15 times, still at 67. I don't care about Lingots all that much, but still, they were mine XD Has this happened to anyone before?

June 16, 2017



Hasn't happened to me, but ... you can report a bug here. Good luck!


Happened to me too!


Are you sure? "Refreshing" doesn't always fully refresh the page.


no that is very weird did you you spend them on something?

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