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Can we please get the ability to change our reset time?

I don't care if changing this loses your streak (to stop abuse) or if you have to pay for it, but I really wish reset wasn't at midnight.

I tend to use duolingo before I go to bed, and often (especially on weekends) this can easily be after 12. As a result, I'll often miss the mark and lose my steak.

Simply by statistics it would be better to have reset at 4am (given that many more people are asleep at that time) but really we should have the option to choose.

I know that it actually decentivizes me, as the first time I lose my streak this way I didn't return to duolingo for a month it was that disappointing.

So please let us change this!

June 16, 2017



Personally, I don't care about streaks either way, but I think this would really make a lot of sense.


I agree. I'll be travelling soon, and I always leave my tablet at my home timezone so I know what is going on there (my phone changes zone). It's going to be hard to manage as midnight at home will be about 3pm where I'm going.


Turns out you don't even need to use the Android app to change the "reset time" for your account - you can do it in the web browser.

I just changed my timezone on my Windows laptop, setting it to a zone three hours "west" of here. Then I went into Settings/Coach and changed my daily target. When I saved that change, I clicked on the Duolingo "Home" button, and the "hours left" box now showed the correct number of hours left for the new time zone.

Apparently, this functionality has been available for years!

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