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  5. "また会いましょう。"


Translation:Let's meet again.

June 16, 2017



There's a problem. The words "catch" and "you" are there, but they don't have "on", "the", or "flipside". Fix please.


I did want it to have "catch you later" but it's a little too casual for this anyway..


Mata = again. 会 ai/ae (from au) = meet. Mashou = let's.


I am not certain about this "I will see you again" translation. Is it really used in this way? In English, this does not actually mean that you have any particular intention of meeting up, just that you expect such a thing to happen eventually (and it could be months or years). またね会いましょう sounds to me like they specifically intend to meet up again in the near future.


Please ignore the ね by the way. SwiftKey put that in the most prominent position when I was typing.


Yuo, same issue as everyone else -- I translated this as "let's meet later". :/


So this does have the word for love in it, right?


No, "love" is 愛, while this has 会い(ましょう) "(let's) meet". They are pronounced the same, but are different words (homophones) -- compare English to, too and two.


To me it sounds like "until we meet again" Is that wrong? To me it feels like this is the most exact answer


No, -ましょう ending means "let's" -- it suggests (somewhat forcefully) that the listener join the speaker in an activity. Also, there is no "until". The "most exact answer" is "Let's meet again."


Where does the "again" come from? I thought it was "I will see you"


"mata" means again, more or less


I don't understand why "Shall we meet again?" Is accepted for 「また会いましょうか?」but "We shall / should meet again." Is not accepted for 「また会いましょう。」

English switches between question and not-a-question form by swapping thise first two words in the sentence so I don't know why this shouldn't be accepted.

To sum things up.. I just don't like using "Let's..." For this because that's not how my brain is reading it when reading the Japanese.

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