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Opportunities learning a language opens for you

Learning and becoming fluent in a language opens a multitude of opportunities in life. You can achieve higher paying jobs, stronger relationships with people all over the world, and make your mind stronger in learning things. Learning a language isn't just a hobby, it's a part of making our world stronger. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day :) Au Revoir!

June 16, 2017



For me, the 3 main benefits are travel, travel travel :)

But seriously, tests have shown that learning a language when you are older (over 50 or so) can significantly help to prevent cognitive decline (losing your mental agility). That makes it worth it on its own for old fogies like myself.


Wow... I didn't think of that! Thank's for the info! =)


Using (natural) language is a means of inter-human communication in basically any place where others are in the world.


Learning another language also helps you understand your native language so much better.


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