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"Yes, that's right."


June 17, 2017



Would "sou desu ne" also be an answer for this? I feel that I have heard it somewhere before.

Although perhaps it could mean something more along the lines of "is that right?"

Please and thank you :)


そうです means "that is so"/"that is right"

そうですよ implies that you're trying to convince or educate the listener. It is often translated like "It is like that, you know!"

そうですね asks for affirmation. It means "It is so, isn't it?" But it can also stand for contemplation, as in "Yeah, it is like that, isn't it. Hmm..."


If you watch a lot of anime, そうですね seems to mean "Is that so?" (as a response to something unexpected someone else says) or "Isn't that so?/Did I explain that right?" (Looking for confirmation after saying something).


Kind of annoying that so desu, so desu yo, so desu ne, so dese yo ne are not valid answers. How would i know which ia expected based on the sentence "that's right" which is the closest English translation for all of them.


See Paralar's answer above. Also, I assume you meant sou そう and not so そ, which would be wrong.

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