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What Does Learning a Language mean to you?

Is learning a language just a hobby? Is it to ensure a better future? What does learning a language mean to you? Is it an important variable in life to you? Learning a language requires a patient worker and a willing mind. Why did you venture down the difficult road of learning a language? Thanks and have a great day =)

June 17, 2017



Learning a language is important to me; it allows me to connect to other people who speak diverse languages. Each language spoken across the globe is different in many ways yet very beautiful. You do have to have a willing and open mind; the willingness to endure your journey it is one of the most important keys to learning a language. I've continued to learn, no matter how difficult, because it's important to finish what you've started, which would be striving to become fluent in a foreign language. It isn't impossible at all; it takes a lot of patience and practice. I try not to become too flustered; calmness and peace can play a big part in it as well.


I learned French while living in France a long time ago. I never got very far, probably because I was lazy. I really thought I was bad at learning languages.

I love Italy, and I decided to travel there often. That means learning Italian!

So, what do i find? Well, I'm not bad at learning languages at all, just lazy. Putting my mind to it, and putting in a lot of effort and I can do it. I estimate 3000 hours to learn Italian to a reasonable level, but that never actually stops.

It's fun and keeps me occupied now that I'm retired, and will greatly improve my experiences in Italy, I'm sure. I'm now committed to Italian, will probably improve my French as I visit friends there, and then maybe German as I have family in Austria.

Learning languages keeps me occupied, gives me purpose, pleases me because I imagine using my knowledge, and encourages me to travel.


Curiosity and wanting to learn really new things (e.g. never personally before studied (official / majority) (natural) languages) and it is kind of fun.


Completing a task that's a struggle for me is satisfying.


For me, it's a pastime. I don't go in for this in any serious way. I did do so in the past, with other languages, travelling to countries where I took "immersion" classes and stuff. English is one such language, and French too, but in the latter I've now lost the ability to speak.


What learning a language means to me is that I will have a better future


It's important so I can communicate with more people, mostly family.

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