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Discussion: Nested Reply Limit

Why is it actually so hard to converse with people on these forums? When you reply to someone in a discussion, and they and other people reply back to you, and so on and so forth; It becomes really hard to follow the discussion because there is a really low limit of nested replies, and the text boxes become pretty squished too as they are moved further to the right. You end up replying to other posts in the discussion, because you can not actually reply to the one you mean to. Then, as a consequence of this, you don't get notified when someone tried to reply to you, because they technically replied to someone else's post... and the order of posts becomes all messed up... it's a nightmare.

Why isn't it possible to make the indentations for replies smaller and allow more replies? Is there honestly this little server space that you need to discourage people from submitting a little bit of extra text? Is it to discourage long discussions in general? I don't get it. And since it's not possible to write messages to people directly, this is a real annoyance!

What am I missing here?

June 17, 2017



The developers are currently working on a complete rewrite of the forums. I hope they will fix that problem.

The Discussion and Words tabs are still under the old website, so you'll notice things like notifications opening in a popup instead of in the middle of your screen. Since the Forum is still quite slow, we are now focusing our attention on rewriting the Forum as well!




Possibly because the forums were not meant as a social network, just to ask questions and get answers.


The possibility of lengthy reply threads would mean more scope for lengthy language discussions. Not all answers are short, and not everyone is here to network.

The short reply limits have cut many an interesting discussion off before it really got going.


You can always move a long discussion onto your Facebook page (other pages are also available:-D).


I don't have one. Social networking is not for me. I prefer to see my friends in the flesh.


So what are you doing on Duolingo asking for long discussion threads. Seriously though, make a facebook account (I never thought that I would hear myself saying that as I'm not much of a socialiser myself). It can definitely help in these situations and there are plenty of Duo course groups on there for chatting about the courses.


I didn't ask for long discussion threads- that was the OP.

I simply expressed agreement for the purposes of relevant language-related discussions. 'Chatting' is not what I had in mind. Some grammatical points can lead to rather involved discussions.

As for Facebook, I won't use it. The licence agreement means that they would own almost everything I posted on there.


(I’m replying here because of the nested reply limit.)

As for Facebook, I won't use it. The licence agreement means that they would own almost everything I posted on there.

I don’t use Facebook either, but the first sentence of §12 of Duolingo’s Terms and Conditions of Service makes all of our text in the discussion forums the proprietary property of Duolingo, Inc.


That's fine. I don't post personal photographs, other information pertaining to the real me or works I've created on here.

Duo is welcome to my inane ramblings. I'd rather Facebook didn't get their mitts on my birthday photos or personal conversations.

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