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The abysmal Health feature

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I see that the discussion 'State of Monetization at Duolingo' (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22426779) has now been locked! This prevented me from pointing out yet another discrepency with the spurious argument that the Health feature was intended to prevent 'binge learning'.

A short time ago I received an automated Duolingo e-mail with the subject 'What's your progress this week', which includes: ❛The more XP you score, the faster you'll learn.❜ So how does that square with 'binge learning' being an issue?

Would Duolingo please read the many carefully reasoned arguments, within the now closed discussion, which explain why the Health feature, at least as currently implemented, is entirely detrimental to learning.

June 17, 2017



Use the web version. No health, and plentiful tips and notes on grammar and culture before most lessons in the courses. There's also none of those pointless word-rearranging exercises.


Not to mention that if you have to type an answer, you actually are left free to type it on a full keyboard, rather than selecting letters from a rather small set.

However, I am worried that the health feature will make its way to the web version eventually :(


It probably will. Weren't they talking about doing that in a different discussion? The only reason we don't have Health in the web version is probably because it's still in this kind of experimental phase.


I think I read somewhere that "for the time being", there would be no health in the web version, which was said in response to people concerned about the feature. What seemed most salient (though implicit) in that, to me, however, was that it did not say it would be that way for good, which makes me think that it will most probably come to the web version as well, sadly.


I get the point of Health, because learning too many new words at once doesn't leave enough time for those words to set in(especially if you're not writing them down or anything like that), but I think that they're adding unnecessary restrictions with it. Seems more than a bit pointless.


Duolingo purports to want people to learn. The health feature does just the opposite. It is time for the Lords of Duolingo to rethink this.


Well, you earn XP from practice and strengthening skills as well as doing new lessons and it is the practice that helps you to learn.faster.

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