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Confused? About Sentence.

I was watching something in German (dubbed), the show is from America and the person is saying: "Hier dein popcorn." (Here's your popcorn.) But google say it should be Hier ist dein popcorn and another person is saying "Das dein Date." (That's your date?) Google says Das ist dein Date

Would the sentence still be correct without Ist? Or is it a bad translation?

June 17, 2017



The sentence needs the verb to be correct, but you can say "Hier: dein Popcorn" - this is spoken language, but nobody would say "Das dein Date" - you have to say: "Das ist dein Date"


ist is often pronounced like is in casual language. So it could sound like "DasisdeinDate?"


I slowed the video down and I hear Das Dein Date, here's the link if you want to try yourself http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3pxjm7_alle-hassen-chris-staffel-2-folge-15-deutsch-german_news

It's heard around the 15:00 minute mark.


I hear "Das ist ein Date?" (from how its said in either confusion/surprise or as a question or as both).

Also in this situation chris wouldnt say dein. He uses the formal you earlier, he does not switch to informal you.

Thhe man says "Also Baby hier ist dein Popkorn"


I hear ist clearly in both cases.

Do you've subtitles for the episodes btw?


Nein, I'm sorry I swore I hear Das Dein Date? I'm really new at German sorry for the confusion.


I think in written german you need to use a verb.

In spoken language we can say: "Hier, Dein Popcorn!" to say f.e.: I bought Popcorn for everybody, here is yours -

and as well "Da, dein Date!" to say f.e.: Look that's your date!

or: "Das 's dein Date". we tend to shorten <das ist> to <das's> in spoken language.


Were they messing with the dialog to match the mouth movements?

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