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Just starting Vietnamese

I want to just try this out and see what I think. Is it normal for it not to tell you what your translating? I also am learning German and it tells me what I'm translating instead of just having it written down and translating what Duolingo has written down.

One more thing. When translating from Vietnamese to English... how do you do that? My computer doesn't have a Vietnamese setting.

June 17, 2017



Just change your keyboard to Vietnamese.


look at the bottom of the screen, there should be an icon showing what current language is being chosen for your keyboard to input. I'm using window 10 and I use the shortcut "Window + spacebar" to switch between languages.

In case you haven't used this feature, look for 'language preference' either on the Internet or on your PC to activate it.

It is also necessary to have Unikey to be able to type in Vietnamese. You can download it at: http://unikey.vn/vietnam/ . It is completely free or charge and easy to use.

Hope this helps!


Hi Lord of the rings,

if you use macbook, u can open keyboard reference and add one more language vietnamese inside. Then you can type vietnamese following the rules: 1) " ' " - dấu sắc - typed by "s" on keyboard. ex má. so you can tape "m a s" = má. 2) "`" - dấu huyền - typed by "f" on keyboard. ex mà. so you can tape "m a f" = mà. 3) "~" - dấu ngã - typed by "x" on keyboard. ex mã. so you can tape "m a x" = mã. 4) "?" - dấu hỏi - typed by "r" on keyboard. ex mả. so you can tape "m a r" = mả. 5) " . " - dấu nặng - typed by "j" on keyboard. ex mạ. so you can tape "m a j" = mạ.

6) â = tape "a a" 7) ê = tape "e e" 8) ô = tape "o o" 9) ă = tape "a w" 10) ư = tape "u w" 11) ơ = tape "o w" 12) đ = tape "d d"

P/S sorry for the accents are so small :( i hope it can work with you

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