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Are these Swahili words correct?

As a child in coastal Kenya I used "gunia" for a sack ("magunia" in the plural), and "kikapu" for a basket. Is this correct or was I learning slang? Seems that "mfuko" is being used for everything here.

June 17, 2017



I looked them up in my dictionary and found both words. DuoLingo is meant for absolute beginners and you need to choose which words seem most important for the students to learn. Until now I learned about 300 words Swahili and I need about 2000 to be able to speak the language. When I learned English at grammar school, we spent 5 years, say half an hour each day to learn the language. So, learning a language is difficult and takes time.


I've only been learning for a few months, but without even looking them up, I can tell you that kikapu is not slang. I've heard basketball referred to in various ways - mpira/mchezo wa kikapu/vikapu and that actually even comes up in this course, I think, in the sports lesson.

I'd recommend this online dictionary as well: www.glosbe.com/sw/en/


Thank you Rudolf and Ben. I actually don't know anyone in Hong Kong learning Swahili, and its great to have your answers to my questions. Good to know at 57 that my memory had not failed me Rudolf, and thank so much for the tip Ben. I am really enjoying Duolingo.

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