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Android app suddenly has timed practice

I'm not sure how I turned it on, and I would like to turn it off. How?

June 17, 2017



...help... same issues here - all of the sudden that timer was on in my android app but I really really really don't want it... Anyone from Duolingo team out there to help, please?


I hope DuoLingo gives the option to disable or at least choose whether to do timed questions in the app. I think we should have a choice. I may go and uninstall the updated version and see if that fixes the problem for now.


This is precisely the question I came to ask. Which is to say, I want to know, too.


It must be a new A/B test .. my Android duolingo is up to date and I don't have any way to get the timed practice.


I'm in the same situation. I'd like to try it, but I didn't get this function. Why? Does anyone know the answer?


It does not seem to be a choice. However, I can still practice individual bubbles without a timer. I was lucky to have a bunch of bubbles with grey bars on my French course, so I exercise those manually instead of letting Duo pick exercises for me. Works well so far. And the website is still an option - I made a shortcut to the website on my tablet home screen. (Probably less practical on a phone.)

I am not sure if normal people learn better under pressure or just think it is fun to be rushed - I am certainly not one of those. (But then I hate roller coasters too, so I may not be a typical human.) Or it could be to make sure we see an ad after a minute, rather than up to five minutes with the old exercises. Someone's got to pay for serving 150 million users.


I hate the timed practice too. I´m about to remove the actual version from my android phone and install the old version (3.49.4) again, so i can continue to practice like i´m used to.

Did anyone of you ever see an answer from duolingo staff, since this horrible change was made?


I haven't seen a response and I've posted on Facebook, Google Play, and all over here. I was really stunned to see them coming out with a new version and it was still not optional.


No announcement anywhere. So it seems they are not proud of it. That means it was probably to show more ads, after all, rather than some kind of attempt to improve the app. That is just sad. If they are in money trouble they should just ask for help, not make learning more difficult.

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