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"It is possible to visit it on the first Sunday of the month, from May to October."

March 5, 2013



Could someone help me to find the mistakes I made in this sentence? "C'est possible le visiter en le premier dimanche du mois, de mai à octobre".


Here we go:

  • C'est possible : this is not grammatically wrong, but it is usual to use the impersonal "il" = "il est possible"

  • DE le visiter (like: possible TO visit)

  • "on the first Sunday" does not directly translate word to word. When a date is given (on May 1st, on the first Sunday of the month), the French just use the definite article "le" or "la": --> le premier dimanche du mois (on the first Sunday of the month) --> le premier mai (on May 1st) --> la dernière nuit de juin (on the last night of June)


Il se means "it is possible"?


Not really, it rather means "it is (being) visited (or "visitable")", the reflexive form being close to a passive form here.

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