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I can pronounce a lot in German but still have trouble pronouncing the basic word "Ich"

I can pronounce a lot in German but still have trouble pronouncing the basic word "Ich". I do not know why it is such a problem for me but it's the most difficult thing. Everywhere I go online to find out how to pronounce it I get no answers. They only tell me how to move my mouth which is really difficult to visualize as I am a slow person. Could someone just please tell me how to say "Ich" in print?

June 17, 2017



Maybe record yourself so we can hear how you pronounce it.



After checking Google, this was one of the better resources I came across: http://web.stanford.edu/~jrb/reference/german.html

After checking a bit further, I came across a youtube resource that was a bit more detailed and helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rnPFloFiX0


The "i" in "ich" is just a short "i", like in "in". The best way I can describe making the soft "ch" sound [ç] is by saying the English word "he", leaving your mouth and throat in that position and then making a voiceless sound by breathing out sharply. It should sound like the "h" in "huge"


Put your tongue against your bottom teeth and pronounce the word. It's really easy with little practice.


The 'ch' in ich is a softer version of the 'ch' in noch. So just ease up a little.

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