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Don't worry about failing, worry about the chances you miss by not even trying

If you want to learn a language but you're too afraid that you won't do good, try anyways. People won't judge you if you tried and didn't do too well. But people will probably judge you if you didn't want to try because you didn't want to look bad. Honestly doing that makes you look even worse than failing. In school, we're learning Chinese, and it was my first year at that school. I didn't want to do Chinese because I thought I would get bad grades, and I tried faking that I was sick sometimes just to avoid Chinese. When I finally went to Chinese class, I did okay and I got A+ in Chinese. Nothing bad can happen if you just try.

June 17, 2017



Thank you for sharing your observation and experience. I needed to hear it as a motivational reminder!


you're welcome! Thank you for the compliment I always feel so happy when I make someone feel better :)


You are very right : )

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