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timer on duolingo mobile app

duolingo app for mobile phones was updated and now there is a time on the exercises. How do you switch this thing off? I find it very annoying.

June 17, 2017



It is very hard to understand what they are trying to a achieve with this. I know that it is sometimes useful to practice by instinct to see how fast you can produce content in the language you are learning but replacing the normal practice is just crazy. I often stop for a moment to think about the grammar of each sentence but it is now impossible. This feature would be nice if it worked like on the website, but this just forces me using some other platform to do the strengthen practices.

I have also subscribed for the 10€ month plan because I appreciate what duolingo does for language learning. But now seeing duolingo actively removing useful learning tools (even from paying customers) I am not going to continue any more with the subscription. I am genuinely concerned about the direction duolingo is going.


I totally agree. I hate the feature. I like the old "review" option instead. I recently subscribed to the $10 a month, and I'm about to stop it, as I find this totally useless.


for cancelling the "one-minute" against-the-clock-speed-test" in the Android app.

  • don't click on the "blue-button" practice
  • click on an individual skill
  • click on "Weakest words"

And go to the "Google play store" to give a negative feedback.


I use to do that before I noticed the blue "refresher" button. The work around is not as efficient. It seemed like the button would refresh more topics than just one, as every so often more than one topic would turn gold after a refresher session. When trying to keep up with more than one language, it helps a lot.


I fully agree. That's why I called it a "workaround" instead of a solution.


I already downgraded my review from 5 stars to 2

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