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This language probably won't go on duolingo anytime soon (but it would be awesome!)it's from the Marshall Islands with about 50,000 speakers.it would be very useful for people who want to go there,no other language would really help because that's about all they speak.would duolingo add this or not we can't know it all right now, share what you think will it be added soon or not?

June 17, 2017



Duolingo can't just manifest courses into existence. A Marshallese from English course would have to be created by volunteers fluent in both languages. (There are many other reasons I would guess there won't be work on one anytime soon, but this is a major impediment.)


I am an ESL teacher in NW Arkansas, where we have the largest Marshallese population in the world outside of the Marshall Islands. Many of my students are from the Marshall Islands. It would be so great if Marshallese were added to duolingo!


I was talking about linguistics with my principal today and he suggested I learn Marshallese due to the demand for interpreters in Arkansas. :)


Could this discussion be added to the Guide for others to see


I have added it :)


Thanks ,it helped


If anyone wants Marshallese I 'll make a discussion for that and then put the link


I fell in love with Marshallese over the summer when I met a group of amazing Semi-native speakers (Marshallese is spoken in the home, but they aren't required to speak it. As a result they are very good at understanding it, but usually are unable to speak it very fluently, bedcause they usually reply in English when being adressed in Marshallese.) at band camp. I was determined to study it when I returned home. To my dissapointment it there is little to no Marshallese learning resources on the internet. It would be lovely if Duolingo could at somepoint, get a team working on this beautiful language.


i would gladly work my butt off to learn Marshallese so it can be available here on duolingo !!


I don't know a word in it as of now

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