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Giving up on the browser version?

The latest announcements seem to be pointing to continuous updates towards the mobile platform(s), but little to nothing for the desktop/browser version... I personally love the browser version, it allows me to write notes while I study, and have access to other resources easily. Will the browser version continue to be supported? Or is this a slow way of canceling it out?

I hope the latter isn't the case...

June 17, 2017



The browser version just got a major update - haven't you been reading all the complaints about it?

You may have noticed that when you click on the "Discuss" button in an lesson, it now takes 10 seconds to open in a new tab, instead of popping up instantly in your current window.

Some of these changes may make it easier to provide the same functionality on the web platform that is currently only available on one of the various apps. '


I like the browser version better myself, particularly the flashcards. Since last week, however, that feature is not available. For those having the same problem, does anyone know why the flashcard service is down and whether or not it is temporary?


Flashcards have been replaced by TinyCards, and the world is poorer for the change.


I hope so too. I'd like to ask how do you write notes in the browser version?


I have a text editor open on the side and write stuff down. Where as, on the mobile version, I have to switch apps constantly, and it is quite annoying.


thanks! that makes sense now!

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