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  5. Lost my 1310 day streak :'((


Lost my 1310 day streak :'((

didn't notice I had used up my streak freeze. thought of DL at 23:58... was too panicky to think of looking if my streak freeze was active... ...and did not make it in time..


June 17, 2017



Cheer up! There are worst things in life than that. Just continue learning as if nothing happened.


Thank you... yes, I will not give up. DL is part of my life by now. :)


Waw .. I'm sorry ...I hope you continue learning


I definitely will. Thank you!


Maybe you can register it with the Duolingo Streak Hall of Fame!


But, It's too late for that, The streak is lost.


Dang. But, can something be done to verify that there was a streak?


I don't think so


Well, just the reminder email... but that probably won't change anything!


I was offered to pay something like $10 to get my 130ish day streak restored, on the android app.


How do you do add it to the Duolingo Streak Hall of Fame?


I remember reading that Duolingo can bring back your streak if you pay for it, as some people got messages to do so. I'm not sure why you didn't get the same option as other people.

Sorry about your loss from 1,310. :-(


Until Duo makes a feature that shows all-time high streaks, you should write about your streak in your profile description.


How are you learning Japanese when it hasn't been released into Beta yet?

Congratulations for your 1091-day streak. My 700-day streak is just around the corner for me.


It is out on iPhones and Android devices. And thanks, congrats on your streak too


Don't worry, I'm pretty sure there'll be a day when I'll forget my daily practice as well and it'll be very frustrating to see my streak go, but after a few days you'll look back and be able to see the streak for what it is: a little number whose sole purpose is to keep you motivated to come back. If you're already motivated to come back, that number serves no purpose whatsoever.

I personally think one's language badges are far more impressive than streaks ;P (try noticing that the most knowledgeable users here rarely have the longest streaks, but rather have quite a few languages at considerably high levels).


Yeah, you're definitely right there. It was just such a shock to see the 1310 disappear and then there's just a 1! Still sad after all the effort, but life goes on, no matter what! ;)


Keep up the good work! It’s incredible that you got to a 1,310 day streak in the first place! I hope my gift of 50 lingots will cheer you up a little.


sorry to hear that! What an amazingly long streak! I hope you can find the comments that explain how to restore your streak. I think it is possible through the app, but I forget the details.


Wow, I can't even imagine how many lingots you must have


8324 ... but what good are they? ;)


I know how you feel. I lost my 179 day streak 3 days ago, and I was just too sad to continue.

But man, 1310? Sad...

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Man, sorry to hear that. That's a long time! Good job on keeping it for so long anyway, though.


Thank you! 439 is quite a long time, too.. well done!


I hate day streaks. It's not useful I think. I always clicked reset for my Swedish course. I lost my points but I had to do this because I forgot the lessons.

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Ich bitte dich, tu nichts Dummes. ;-)


You so strong!! even though you lost your strong you managed to still learn!!! Here is a lingot!


Oh god. that is bad. I am sorry for your loss of streaks, but you can try and get it back. I know you can. it´s better to try than to give up. I try. that means you can try too. You have the power to try you can use it to get your 1000 day streak back in no time, trying is better than giving up.


Don't worry or compete with others. You know that your score is 1310+ 843 (@ 24/11'19) - much better than most.

And improve that most important Esperanto, ie. Do More with Less effort.


Well it has been three years and now you have a 1192 day streak! spending time pays off doesn't it?


True that. And in my head I know that my streak is kind of 1310 days longer than it shows!


that's exactly why i suggest never to panick it's results badly

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