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Objects having gender?

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    Hallo! I am not referring to the 3 articles das der and die. I understand das is netural, der is masculine, and die is feminine. But I ran into a sentence that said "Passt die Sonnenbrille?" The response was "Nein. Sie ist zu klein." Or when asked a another question (which I can't remember) the response was "Nein. Er ist zu groß. " Why wouldn't it be in all cases "es"? Danke!

    June 17, 2017



    Stop thinking of genders as male, female, object just think of them as categories of words. Some words are used (declined) in one way some in another. Think of them as categories A, B, and C. So when you see "das Mädchen" it doesn't mean that the person is neuter but the word is. So, just think of it as the third category of words.


    Why is this answer downvoted? It is correct! If you used the terms correctly, you would not even run into this problem:

    A man is male, but the word "Der Mann" is masculine.

    A women is female, but the noun "Die Frau" is feminine.

    A girl is still female, but the grammatical gender of the noun "das Mädchen" is neuter.

    A table has no gender, but the noun "der Tisch" is masculine.


    Thank you, that is so much clearer than the way I was doing it.


    er, sie, and es can all mean 'it' when there's no natural gender. Use the one corresponding to the gender of the noun your replacing.


    There are three genders in German, and the gender of the pronouns match the gender of the antecedent nouns. Thus, "it" for die Sonnenbrille is "sie."


    In short, all words have a fixed grammatical gender, not just people. A Sonnenbrille is always feminine, an Apfel is always masculine, and so on.

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      Just the answer I was looking for! :)

      [deactivated user]

        I am not sure why my post got down voted. That's how I was taught by Duolingo and others to view the words. I'm not sure why you would down vote a question? If you could explain why you down voted I would be happy to hear.


        No one knows who or why someone downvotes. With so many views it might just be someone with nothing else better to do in their life. Please don't pay any attention, of course, you can ask a question and that should be respected.

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