Don't you think we need more stuff in the Lingot store?

Give some ideas of what could be sold!! Could they create and avatar creator that you could buy accessories for? I'd be happy to answer questions about my discussion also.

June 17, 2017


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I absolutely agree!! I really don't see the point of having lingots when you have very little things to spend them on. (The problem is for me, is that I have too many lingots and I no idea what to do with them; other than giving them to people... though that takes effort XD ). I was thinking of having an avatar as well!! Perhaps they could also have more 'paid' courses so people are more motivated to earn lingots.

June 17, 2017

give em' to mehhh ^^

Haha... I'll think about it ;)

yeah if you have enough lignots you can donate to me and lala

I see you're doing Spanish, how is it? My friend is doing it too. He tried French at first but just could not nail the pronunciation, haha.

Spanish is good; I finished my tree about a year ago, though I keep on forgetting words. When I first began school, everyone told me French was much harder than Spanish. I struggled a lot in French. I am not doing it anymore (thank goodness cause I would have got fails in all my exams). How's French going for you?

French is good but it definitely gets harder the more you progress.

yeah totally agree with you

Can we buy little outfits for the green owl?

awwww some cute idea heheheh you are funny

thanks for following me kind of you

Many people have made discussions like this : ) But yes, I agree with you.

yes i feel the same.its a good idea.

Okay guys give some good ideas. Also if you disagree with my complaint then go ahead and tell me we are taking a vote here.

By the way that avatar idea was just a example idea.

Nah, man. Streak Freeze all day every day. What more do you need?

Many people may well desire that more stuff be there, but no, I don’t think that more stuff is needed there.

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