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German Tree Completed Today

Pleased that I finished my German tree today. Looking back I think it took about eight months. By no means even close to fluent. But have a much better handle on basic language skills than when I started. I will continue to practice here every day, but having completed the tree, I feel like I am free to spend time learning and practicing from other resources now. Any advise or tips from others would be greatly appreciated!

June 17, 2017



my level in German is 20 as well but I'm like not even close to the half of the tree, because I don't move on until I make sure that I really know what I learned and I write down like everything and revise it everyday, and I feel great so far, I'm on it since November 2016.... I wish you all the best buddy, and I hope we can be both fluent in this amazing SPRACHE ...TSCHUSS


Gut gemacht!!!

I recommend youtube and website German with Jenny and the courses in DW. After the German tree most of us do not have good listening comprehension, speaking and writing skills, so you may want to review grammar with a book, and practice listening comprehension. Also in youtube easy German, Nico, German with Marija, German with Ania, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SaSfdKcbkc You can learn more vocabulary in Memrise official German courses.




Sehr gut. Ausgezeichnet. Have you considered the Reverse German Tree? For myself, I found it to be helpful way to complement the German Tree in that you're exposed to additional words and sentences. Have you considered resources such as www.memrise.com, www.clozemaster.com and www.dw.com? Best wishes. :)


Going to the Reverse tree is exactly what I'm doing. Thank you for the kind words and the suggested web sites. Cheers.




Amazing! I wish you good luck on your studies.

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