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Der Die Das

Hallo Leute, ich möchte dieses Dokument mit Ihnen teilen, und bitte korrigieren Sie mich, wenn ich mich irre

I hope that will rich your Vocabulary some how... I love German Language, I love this website, I love you all... Tschuss.


June 18, 2017



just FYI, if you address someone with "Hallo Leute" or "Hallo Jungs", that sounds really casual and implies some familiarity. Then you proceed using the formal Sie, which sounds like the exact opposite. Sounds quite strange on the whole.

Not to say that "Hallo Leute" isn't common on forums, but it definitely fits into the Du/Ihr category.


that's the point, you can't learn any language without making mistakes, that's the number one rule to learn a foreign language so if you are that good in German why don't you post the correct way how to say the whole thing and let me learn some thing new today, thanks in advance by the way.


Your German sentence was actually correct, just the "Hallo Leute" makes it sound off. So, if you want to write the whole thing in casual tone, that's

Hallo Leute, ich möchte dieses Dokument mit euch teilen, und bitte korrigiert mich, wenn ich mich irre

Ich hoffe, das wird euer Vokabular einigermaßen bereichern... Ich liebe die deutsche Sprache, Ich liebe diese Website, Ich liebe euch alle... Tschüss


thank you very much for the info.


Herr Leito,

'Hole thing' should be 'whole thing'.


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