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Once you get to Intro, it doesn't make much sense?

So I just got to the "Intro" part in the course after various Hiragana sections.

I quickly ran into this: http://i.imgur.com/DWPYEhx.png

It doesn't make any sense to me. Did I learn this already?

June 18, 2017



Sometimes they expect you to tap the cards and listen for the pronunciations, then choose the correct one. Unfortunately, the TTS pronounces 人 as ひと here, but じん is another pronunciation for it, depending on context. There are some bugs like that.


Hmm okay, but it doesn't pronounce じん for me. I guess that's why I'm lost. I'll have to figure out taking notes on sounds from previous sections?


I wish I could see the intro. I cannot access Japanese on my iMac, only on my iPad. I've been working on Esperanto for a few months and I find the explanation below the lessons very helpful.


Yeah I think you're meant to listen to the pronunciation. Kinda bad if your speakers don't work or sound just doesn't play on your device. :/


Hmm. Unfortunately the course is not on PC yet so I don't know what lessons they give early on, but I'm a beginner (only had about two weeks of Japanese in total) and was able to figure out the answer, as I recognized all four of the kanji shown in the picture.

While I do not know the meaning of each individual kanji yet, I see them commonly put together in the material I use to study.

For example, in my limited understanding,

日本 = [the country of] Japan (nihon) 日本人 = japanese person (nihon jin)

therefore 人 must be the kanji for person (and pronounced jin, じん, which is what they're asking for. It looks like a pair of legs, easy to remember!

So if the course teaches the words for "Japan" and "Japanese person" this should give beginners three of the four kanji here almost for free. It would also be a good idea to add 日本語 (japanese language) as that's what we are trying to learn, yeah?

As a side note I also noticed that the fourth kanji looks like the first kanji used in "Chinese person" 中国人 (Chūgokujin) which is a word I keep mixing up with the word for various schools.

I hope this helps. がんばってね、 セノさん。

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