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"I am going to call my mother."

Translation:Ik ga mijn moeder bellen.

1 year ago



I expected there to be an '(om) te' before 'bellen', as in some previous examples. Can someone explain why it is not needed here?

1 year ago

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You can only start to fill in om te if the words before 'om' forms a full sentence.

In your example sentence: ' Ik ga om mijn moeder te bellen', although the Ik ga forms a full sentence, the meaning translates to; 'I go' and it has nothing to do with 'I am going to' or 'I'll will', so you cannot use 'om' in this sentence.

Click here for more info.

For using 'te' there are six situations in which you can use it. You can see them here

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Another way to remember is that om te can be translated as "in order to". If that doesn't fit in the English sentence then om te doesn't in the Dutch sentence.

8 months ago