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  5. "You are going to go?"

"You are going to go?"

Translation:Tu vas partir ?

March 5, 2013



Can someone tell me why the Y is necessary when using aller? I thought that would say "you are going to go there" ??


Verb aller is generally not used by itself but with à + destination, even if only hinted by "y".


So I thought this was determined by whether or not it was an intransitive verb. But both verbs are intransitive....

How do you know what requires "y" or "en"?


"Y" is used with verbs constructed with preposition "à"

  • tu vas à la piscine ? oui, j'y vais

"En" is used with verbs constructed with preposition "de"

  • tu reviens de la piscine ? oui, j'en reviens


After years of studying French en and y never made complete sense to me until now...wonder why nobody bothered to make it so simple in the past...


Is Est-ce que tu vas partir wrong ?


It is not wrong, except that it is not from the same register.

strictly speaking, "est-ce que tu vas partir ?" = "are you going to leave?"


Since when is "allez-vous?" not an acceptable way to shorthand a question? Seriously, what's up with that.


Since verb "aller" cannot be used by itself, ie without a hint of "where to"...


Ah, right, of course. So "Ou allez-vous?' is okay, but not without the preposition. Thanks

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