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  5. "How much is the desk?"

"How much is the desk?"


June 18, 2017



Im also confused when the location of the desk isn't given


I got a correct answer for つくえはいくらですか . Which correct me if i am wrong, but i believe this is closer to much is THE table because it makes THE table the topic of the sentence.


I think that's accurate, because it's referring to the table as being background information. When you use "the" it usually means someone else has brought it up already, e.g. "the plan" or "the dinner"


how about あの ? how to decide which one to use between あの and その when we didn't know where the thing exactly located (no pict)?


At least from Duolingo, その is often used as "the" when referring to something that could be in the same room as the listener.


What is the difference between "その" and "この"? Are they respectively "this" and "that/the"?


"kono" is "this", and it's used for talking about things closer to the speaker than the listener. "Sono" is "that" and it's used for things closer to the listener. There's also "ano", which is used for things that are far away from everyone involved.


Then why should I get marked wrong for choosing kono instead of sono for an English sentence where they used "the"? Seems like both should be correct in this sentence.


None of the demonstrative words are technically correct since the sentence works better without any of them.


The difference is the distance from the speaker. Sono is that, kono is this.


So without any context the "default" case would be その as the listener would be interpretibg it as the mentioned thing at his end? Naturally he would switch to あの or so if needed but is the use of その more natural or would it br more intuitive to just say つくえはいくらですか


Why is 「つくえがいくらですか?」 wrong in this context? We cannot tell just from this whether the desk has been discussed before or not, right? So I should think either は or が should work. Am I mistaken?


I think a lot of people are getting tripped up because the lessons are revolving around the use of sono, kono, ano. In this case since THIS or THAT weren't used, then none of those are even necessary. Saying THE DESK makes it the topic. Saying something like, "I have a desk" would it the make it the object. [Watashi wa tsukue ga arimasu]


Why would someone discuss the price of a desk in restaurant, lol


does this really need desu?

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