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How to downgrade the android app?

[deactivated user]

    Maybe someone have previous version, and it is possible to take out apk file?

    June 18, 2017


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    Too bad we could not downgrade to the November 2016 version :-(


    What's nice is that if you have the Kindle Fire, you have the older version of the Android app, which is good for me as I get to strengthen skills, instead of do the 1-minute timer thing.

    [deactivated user]

      Actually, you can go inside a skill and strengthen it there without any timer.


      That's true, but when all my lessons are gold, I'm not sure which one to strengthen, so I like the one where it strengthens all the skills so it picks skills from all the lessons that I need to practice. LOL, I should probably stop using Duolingo so much so I can finally see non-golden skills. :-D

      [deactivated user]

        When all lessons are gold - your're done! And you have to move forward :)


        When all lessons are gold - your're done!

        I don't agree.
        When I finished my Tree "German for English speakers" in the Android App at level 12, I had learned about 900 words.
        Today in Level 20 the "word tab" says:
        "German words learned 2593.
        And I still get new words and more complicated sentences using the web version (www.duolingo.com) instead of the App.

        [deactivated user]

          That's strange. I have not noticed any new words when retraining lessons. All the same horses eating apples and drinking water.

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