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  5. "Welches Format benutzt du?"

"Welches Format benutzt du?"

Translation:What format are you using?

June 18, 2017



Isn't the ending supposed to be with -st ?


That is, if the stem of the verb doesn't already end in an s-sound. "z" is spoken like "ts" in German, so there is indeed an s-sound in the end of the stem "benutz". Hence you only add a "t" for the second person singular. Some other examples are: "du isst" (from "essen" = "to eat"), "du weißt" (from "wissen" = "to know"), "du sitzt" (from "sitzen" = "to sit"), "du reist" (from "reisen" = "to travel").

I hope I could be of help.


Is´t it better to use "Which" instead of "What"?


As an English speaker I prefer to use 'which' in this sentence but 'what' is not wrong to use.

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