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"There are six lighters on the refrigerator!"

Translation:Pe frigider sunt șase brichete!

June 18, 2017



Why is 'Sase brichete sunt pe frigider' not correct?


With the right inflections and enough emphasis on the right words, I can see a few ways to make "Sase brichete sunt pe frigider!" and "There are six lighters on the refrigerator!" match. However, the presence of "!" at the end of the sentence makes things too complicated. In my humble opinion, for learning purposes ending this sentence in "." is much better for a beginner's course.


Could you also use "pe frigiderul"?


No, you do not put the definitive article on words appearing after prepositions


Thanks for exlanations given but what exactly is the answer of first question? Why "sase brichete sunt oe frigider" are not acceptable in this case? And what means "with "!" At the end is too complicated"?


Sunt șase brichete pe frigiderul? Why not?


You don't use the definitive article after a preposition, so it stays as 'frigider'. Another example you might see is for "on the table" which is 'pe masă' as opposed to "pe masa". Hope this helps.


Bet none of lighters work and some poor women keeps lifting them to clean under them for weeks; perhaps we can build this into story for Romanian stories in future. Woman calls Andrei 'do any of these lighters on the fridge work?' Andrei does not answer, he is too busy drinking beer with his friends....etc.Two weeks later four lighters are still on the fridge but one has now fallen on the floor behind the fridge and one is on the table...Maria shouts at Andrei that he has ruined her day again. Andrei does not listen but the dog does and comes and runs away with the lighter. Maria and the children run after the dog with the lighter ...etc

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