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Can't use German keyboard layout

Hi I'm English and want to learn German but when using Duolingo it doesn't recognize my German keyboard which I have installed. It works fine in other apps such as Skype, I have a German friend I talk to often and use Umlauts regularly, but Duolingo will not recognize Umlauts or the other differently placed keys such as Y and Z, which are in a different order to the English layout. I.E, you becomes zou ,etc. Is this a problem with the program? Is there a patch or something? I have the German keyboard selected in Control panel-languages. Thanks Dave

March 22, 2014



Hi Dave196054,

I'm not on the tech team, but they will want to know what operating system and browser you're using. (For example, I am using Windows 7/Firefox). If you are on an App, please let them know which one. Also, they might ask you to try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page.

Currently, I am switching between 3 keyboards (English, Spanish, and Japanese). I am using them on both Crome and Firefox. They are working for me. So, I wonder if it might be something happening on your end? (But, like I said, I'm not on the tech team so I can't say for sure.)

I hope it all gets sorted out. Here is a lingot for your troubles and also here is a user-created guide where you'll find steps for keyboard installation if you want to try installing it again: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki#Getting_Help


Hi, thank you for your reply. I have Windows 7 chrome. I just tested Duolingo on-line and I have no problem with my German keyboard, it seems to only happen when I use the App program Bluestacks. (It enables you to use android apps on Windows, such as Candy Crush .etc without going on-line). I changed the keyboard settings within Bluestacks but it still doesn't work. Oh, well I'll just have to use Duolingo on-line. It's a great program though, I was pleased to find it as I could not afford Rosetta Stone.


If you are using an Android app on a Window's phone, it is a problem on Bluestacks' end rather than Duolingo's. It might be worth sending Bluestacks a message. They might not be aware of the problem. :)


Hi Thanks again. I am using an App program on my W7 PC, Bluestacks allows you to do that. I have now sorted this problem by changing the language and keyboard settings again. Thanks again for your help.


I'm really glad you got it all worked out ^_^

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