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  5. "Your boyfriend called me."

"Your boyfriend called me."

Translation:Ваш хлопець дзвонив мені.

June 18, 2017



Gasp the scandal...


Чому не звав?

[deactivated user]

    ‘Call’ has several meanings, and those meanings are translated into Ukrainian differently:

    1) to talk via phone — Ukrainian «дзвони́ти» or «телефонува́ти» (the past tense, masculine forms are дзвони́в and телефонува́в respectively), 2) to invite someone (usually in loud voice) — Ukrainian «кли́кати» (masculine past-tense form is «кли́кав»), 3) to name, to refer to someone with some name — Ukrainian «зва́ти» (masculine past-tense form is «звав»).

    Here, звав doesn’t work because you’re not mentioning any name.

    I can see you’re learning Russian, so this might be a reason for confusion. In Russian, the word зва́ть is used in the meanings ‘to invite in loud voice’ and ‘to name’. But in Ukrainian, this is different.


    You are right in some sense.

    Your boyfriend called me (he shouted my name so that I come over) = Твій хлопець покликав/кликав мене. I added this as a possible translation. Thanks!

    You are only wrong with the word "звати". It means "call" only in the sense of naming. Your boyfriend used to call me "mom" = Твій хлопець звав мене "мама". In this case some other noun has to be after "звав", as zhaba said (in this case "мама"), just "Твій хлопець звав мене" doesn't make any sense.


    Why not друг?

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