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"Die Philosophie und ihre Fragen."

Translation:Philosophy and its issues.

March 5, 2013



And we are also accepting "her" and "their" for "ihre" in this case as there are various ways to interpret the German sentence.


I think that this is a good and easy sentence to remember as a reminder of how gender cases of even inanimate nouns can influence the pronoun cases.


Why "die Philosophie" (singular) and "ihre" (their)"? Could this not be "the philosophy and her questions"? Or am I missing something?


It could be 'and her questions'. But the sentence implies they're the questions philosophy asks, hence its questions. Philosophie is feminine, hence ihre.


Thank you. "Its" makes sense to me; "their" does not. (One translation Duolingo gave was "their.") I must admit that the gendered pronouns still throw me when they are used for non-animate things. I'll have my head adjusted, first chance. ;-)


Of course, their does make sense in a wider sense. Philosophy and the questions our students have about it - Philosophy and their questions. This is just too far out of context to say anything binding. I find 'its' best, according to my above explanation. Edit: Julika just added it. So much interpretation possible here.


Good point. In a wider context, the antecedent for the pronoun could be something or someone who might be mentioned in a previous sentence. A head adjustment may still be useful, however, so that I stop coming up with translations such as "the girl and his dog."

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