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What is the meaning of 'nur noch'?

*) What is the meaning of heißen in "Das Geld, heißt es aus dem Rathaus, will er in die Ausstattung der städtischen Kindergärten investieren,"?

*) What is the meaning of nur noch/nur mehr? What does it imply? Can you give example?


June 18, 2017



'Es heißt' means along the lines of 'It is said', so 'The money, it is said from townhall....'

'nur noch' means 'only' but kind of in contrast to something else. 'Gestern aßen wir Fleisch und Kartoffeln. Heute essen wir nur noch Kartoffeln.'

'nur mehr' means 'only more'. 'Wenn wir nur mehr Fleisch hätten...' = 'If we only had more meat...'


yes, that's right. But nur noch also often means "only ... left" or "only ... to go". So if you say "Heute essen wir nur noch Kartoffeln", that makes it sound like only Kartoffeln are left. The common usage is something like "Ich muss nur noch 5 Tage arbeiten" - "I only need to work 5 more days / Only 5 days of work to go". And nur mehr can be used synonymously to nur noch, but it's mostly found in formal, written language.



That was my intention with '...noch nur Kartoffeln.' A lament that we're only eating potatoes, because that's all we've got.

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