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Please bring back Strengthen Skills on Android.

This probably won't make a difference, but hopefully Luis sees this.

June 18, 2017



I prefer the old one as well; I find the timing questions annoying when it asks you to type in a response. It would be far quicker to set it to multiple choice so that you make the most of the time they give you.


Yeah, and they could at least increase the time when you get a question right, just like the desktop version.


The old strengthen skills was better than the new timed version, that's for sure.

But I'd like to see them both in place; perhaps with the mechanics of the timed one tweaked - either so that it would match the website version by increasing the time when you get it right or by giving a larger starting time. Some exercises are child's play to answer quickly, but typing a sentence in the subjunctive past on a phone keyboard when the clock is ticking 3, 2, 1 is not much fun and not great for learning.

Edit: also, the green box saying you're right gets in the way if you are too quick as you trap it above the next button. Then you lose time flicking it out of the way.


for cancelling the "one-minute" against-the-clock-speed-test" in the Android app.

  • don't click on the "blue-button" practice
  • click on an individual skill
  • click on "Weakest words"

And go to the "Google play store" to give a negative feedback.


Can one of you kindly give the version of Duolingo you see this on? I think I might like this change, but I'm not seeing it on 3.50.2 , which is the latest Play Store gave me.

[deactivated user]

    Also Duolingo V 3.50.2 (on Android V 7.1.1)
    Maybe it is a Duolingo A/B test.
    I tested four accounts on the same Android phone. Two of them have the "one-minute" against-the-clock-speed-test", but the other two don't have it.


    Thanks, then it is an A/B test.


    If so I want out of the test. It's effing awful! I too have version 3.50.2. Don't know the version I had before but last Friday it was the regular workout and then Sunday I get this terrible timed test. I hope based on all the newly updated bad reviews in the Play Store they're roll this back.

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