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Missing friends?!

i seem to have lost the area in my profile where I can see all my followers, is everyone experiencing this?

June 18, 2017



It's because of a new update by Doulingo. They haven't officially announced wether or not they will bring it back.


updates website by removing key features


seeing who is following you isnt really a key feature


It actually is. They took away communication on streams. There's pretty much no way to contact anyone semi-privately. I guess it wasn't needed but it was certainly better.

Also many people used that to easily follow their friends. Teachers used that to follow their students, because believe it or not, duo's whole school thing was poorly implemented and my teachers had no idea how to use it so they tracked students through following them.

It's a broken system and they're breaking it even more... and monetizing it!


yes, I noticed that too

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