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Duolingo android app - new timer sucks

Get rid of the new timer on android. It's stupid.

June 18, 2017



for cancelling the "one-minute" against-the-clock-speed-test" in the Android app.

  • don't click on the "blue-button" practice
  • click on an individual skill
  • click on "Weakest words"

And go to the "Google play store" to give a negative feedback.


I agree. I liked the review button because it was comprehensive and had at least ten questions.


Timed practice is horrid. Especially when you're having to type your answer on a phone keyboard. Also now there's no time to report a problem. If you look at reviews in the Google Play store lots of folks are now changing their ratings down to 1-2 stars due to this terrible change.


There is no time to think and not enough time to type in answers. It would be alright to have some timed exercises appear periodically which is what I thought was happening. But for several days in a row, that is all I have gotten unless I choose a particular lesson to review. I prefer general strengthening unless one of the lessons in my tree turns a color. Also, there is no time to learn from your mistakes. Please make this optional or occasional!


I hate the timer... I have given negative feedback and I will no longer promote this POS app as long as the timer is not optional. I would rather give my money to Rosetta Stone.


Duolingo....I know where you can stick your timer!

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