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What is your favorite thing about Duolingo?

Give some ideas of what they could change if you think there needs to be something different.

June 18, 2017



My favorite thing... Oh that's difficult ^^
I guess i'd have to go with the community. (And the Trees, of course.)

I think that should be an Email Verification, but i realize that it's much more complicated than that.

What do you like?
What would you change?


I would probably have them put a hint button in the testing out sections just in case you need help or maybe some tutoring.


I like the fact that Duolingo makes repetition, practice, and review so fun. These are tedious and necessary for language acquisition (in my experience), but Duolingo makes it fun instead of feeling like a chore.

I like the community, and how supportive and friendly the folks are. Whenever I've had a question I've gotten good help and responses.

If I could change anything, it would be requiring email verification for accounts before they are allowed to post in the forums. And of course some social tools, but Luis said when he took the Activity stream away that they would think up something new, so I'm just kind of hanging out waiting to see what that might look like :)


I love the fact that it is free and expanding. I love its design and the sounds it makes. I love that I can see what languages others are learning and their streaks which motivate me to study even more. I love the community, its diversity and its helpfulness. I would like to be able to text other Duolinguists and see more social tools.


Ooh, yes!! The fact that there are so many languages and we can see what folks are working on... and it keeps growing! That's a really great thing about Duolingo.


I always try to control my appetite for starting new languages. I am barely 18 and I have tried to learn Standard Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Esperanto, Swedish and Turkish. The result of that excessive learning is that I am only fluent in Standard Arabic and English other than my native Syrian Dialect and I forgot everything else, it was a good experience though. I made a commitment to myself that I will only study French this year.


I like how Duolingo is free, and accessible from multiple sources, and I like how it makes language learning fun and simple.


My favorite thing about duolingo is that they make it so hard to forget all those words!

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