I would love it if Arabic was added to Duolingo!! I would really like to learn Arabic, and this is my favorite method of language learning.

June 18, 2017


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Luis said the Arabic will be added Eventually, But never specified when.
I would also love to have Arabic on Duo ^^
While you wait, you many want to try Memrise's official Arabic course.
There are 7, i believe. I linked the 1st.

DigitalDialects has a few games for Arabic learning too.
I've heard a lot of people recommend Busuu, so here's their Arabic course..
Lastly, here is Benny Lewis' top Arabic resources list.
Hope i helped!

June 18, 2017

Hi firelight02! You can go here if you want a language that duolingo doesn't have. Also, try tinycard. It may have Arabic, and it's made by the makers of duolingo. Good luck!

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