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What is happening with Duolingo??

I've been on this site for a while .. and I see that it goes from bad to worse .. the test does not work and they removed some extra units .. you can not write in the profiles of the students .. they removed the translation and now that follows. . ??

This 2017 has not been a good thing on this website


This is a constructive complaint

Sorry if I have any errors

June 18, 2017



SoyHenry! Great to "see" you :) It's been a while.

They are rewriting the website and yes, the Activity stream has been removed but staff are busy creating new social tools for us. So the inability to contact your students is only temporary.

Immersion had some very devoted followers but it was heavily abused and required a lot of maintenance; it was taking up too many resources and could not really be fixed. So they removed that too.

They have released Bots, TinyCards, Clubs, and an English certification test. They have probably done other things I'm not thinking about right now. But they are getting rid of what doesn't work, trying out new stuff all the time, and implementing what seems to work best.


It's good to see you again haha ... I hope this changes quickly ... I've seen that many students have left Duolingo for these reasons


They just released another improvement last night: the ability to change courses easier, regardless of "base" language

They are also working hard on social tools and improved ways for us to learn. Of course not everything they think of and try out will be successful, but they are for sure innovating and testing new stuff all the time.


I for one understand your concerns, but I must point out that simply stating that recent changes are bad does not count as constructive criticism. Constructive criticism should answer both of the questions "what should be improved" and "why so", not simply the first one.


Duolingo must improve many things ... but I am a simple student ..


1267 days... yes you have indeed been on this website for a while!!!! Amazing streak. It's always nice to see you SoyHenry. I am also sorry that translation and activity are gone from Duolingo. I miss learning from everybody like we used to do.


Hola camilla .. I agree with you .. now you can not see the people you follow ... Duolingo is getting worse


You are not the only person who has expressed complaints.


When I started learning english here was so interesting .. now it's just a site more


"Now it's just another site" is better. 'another xyz ' = 'una xyz más'


I am at verbs 2 studying Vietnamese. I have done the first 3 lessons and am now at lesson 4. It says start but when I click on it it just returns me to the home page. Can anyone help me move on


Hi, could you please create a new discussion and select "Troubleshooting" for the topic? That way your problem will get the attention it deserves.


Please bring back the activity. ;((( When will Duolingo give back the activity ????


Henry, just practice english with me :P


Escríbeme por inbox ;)

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