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Esperanto, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Computers, Programming, Philosophy, Mathematics...

Hi, I'm Brazilian and I would like to improve my spoken English. I speak Portuguese and Esperanto. I also have an interest in French and Italian.

I have just received a Ph.D. in Computer Science, so I am available to talk about academic stuff, computer, programming, philosophy, etc.

If you want, send me your skype ID.


June 18, 2017



Only one minor correction for you English -
'so I am available to talk about school, computer, programming ...'
You could also replace 'academy' with 'university', or 'college'.


Thanks, Pearl.


Congratulations on your Ph.D. in computer science!!!

One small correction to your English, you can say: "I can talk about..." or "I am available to talk about..." but not 'I can available...'


Thanks, Camilla.


Great that you speak Esperanto, the language of the world citizens. What is your PhD in?

I speak English, and natively Vlach/Aromanian (Latin-based), Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, and developing Esperanto (I can understand a few Slavic languages, and partially Romanian/Italian).

For English, make sure you review the 1500 core words from Globish, developed by IBM executive to communicate more effectively with non-native English speakers (3+ x more than native). eg. https://www.globish.com/static_pages/pix/Globish-English.pdf I also have Grammarly for Chrome to correct my shortcuts, so others can better understand me.

Regarding your mid-sentence, everybody should understand, but as IT professional and philosopher I would put brackets around " I can [/available to] talk about..."

Of corse, school/college(American subset) is not what you mean, as Academy is very close to more appropriate University but higher. I fully understood you, coming from an Academic European background. Do not get distracted by small grammatical errors as long your thoughts are clearly expressed (not me, I think multidimensionally). Nobody speaks English perfectly (there are so many dialects), so concentrate on thinking without translating from your language. The more you read in English, the more you learn the numerous phrases and thinking in it.

If you are targeting a specific country, then focus on that dialect, eg. American via Duolingo or many resources available. You might try with bots like Google Now, Alexa...

Bon ŝancon.


Dankon pro via klarigo.

The purpose of this talk is to get some friends available to improve our language skills (especially speaking). Unluckily, nobody understood the message. However, I thank everyone for highlighting my mistakes.

If someone wants to talk, please write the Skype ID.


PS: I'm going to see the Globish link you sent me.


I can offer Skype conversation after I clear my urgent backlog.

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