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Report after timed practice?

I frequently find I wish to report a problem during timed practice, but there is no time during the practice itself.

Might I suggest the following:

  • that one be able to report a problem after the practice from the "Review Lesson" page (would be nice regardless of timed practice or not).


  • that the clock stops after you have answered a problem until you have received the new problem (allowing you time to report a problem immediately without penalty).
June 19, 2017



That is a good idea.


How about either they change the timed practice back to the original workout or at least give us the choice. The timed practice is really just a quick test. I honestly hate the new feature and seems like they did it unannounced as everyone is complaining about it but I've yet to see ANY official reply.


Bump! Anyone official see this? Any thoughts?


Bump again! I do timed practice every day, and every single day there's things I want to report and would report, but it's not possible with the current setup!


Bump! Bump! Bump! Every single day! Is anyone official listening?


Two months later and still nearly every day! I'm getting better at guessing which correct answers Duo doesn't want to hear, but that's not the goal. The latest: "Ein Knochen ist kein Organ" - "One bone is not an organ" is marked as wrong: my translation is technically better than the "correct" "a bone ..." answer - the bones together do make up an organ!

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