Hello everyone! i just got new neighbors, the youngest one looks about 17 and the oldest looks about 70. there is about 6 of them, and they all speak fluent Nepali (it's their native language). should i ask them to teach me Nepali? i like how it sounds, but it looks difficult. is it worth learning? thank you for your answers in advance!

June 19, 2017


It's ultimately up to you; how motivated are you to learn Nepali? According to the Foreign Service Institute, it takes approximate 1,110 hours to learn Nepali, which is almost twice the amount of time to learn French or Spanish (575-600 hours).

i don't know much about it, so i wouldn't be super motivated at first

No reason not to learn it, but do your neighbors actually want to teach it to you - do they have the time or skills? Just because someone knows a language doesn't mean they're either interested in or good at teaching it to someone else.

Captain_Duo, you could ask your local librarians for help finding other Nepali-language-learning resources too. :)

Any language is worth learning if you deem it so. I learn languages for my own personal pleasure, not just because some job out there may require it or because a lot of people already speak it.

It would be a great experience for you, and you could probably help them learn English as well (I assume you are a native English speaker).

Yea, go for it! Ask for them to teach you Nepali, it would be a great experience. :)

Yes should do it

do it! I speak nepali also :) there's a lot of us out there and we'll really appreciate that you do speak the language also!

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