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Immersion doesn't update leaderboard points


I've noticed that the leaderboard on the home page doesn't get updated after using the immersion section.

For example: 1. Go to the home page and click on Immersion in the top menu. 2. Go to any document and translate/rate. 3. Click on Home in the top menu to go back to the home page.

The leaderboard will not reflect the points you just got until you reload the page (CTRL+R or F5) or open it in a new tab. The same thing happens if you use the "Real world practice" button on the home page. However, doing a lesson or a timed practice always updates the leaderboard immediately.

I noticed this because I was trying to use the duo.user object from a user script to determine how many points the person has, but the object would not be accurate if they've used immersion. That's the part I'm really hoping will get fixed.

(I'm using Chromium 32 on Linux. I haven't tried any other browser.)

UPDATE: This also affects the level progress bar. I leveled up using immersion and when I went to the home page the length of the bar was the same, though when I moused over the bar it said "1500/1500 XP".

March 22, 2014



Reloading the page works.


Yeah, I mentioned that. I updated my weekly progress script so it works a lot faster, but I haven't released it yet because this "bug" makes it inaccurate until you reload the page, which you shouldn't really need to do. It's not a huge deal, but it would be nice for developers if it was addressed.

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