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Duolingo Plus is not worth it and there is not option to unsubscribe!!

I wanted to try plus because I am in another country and don't always have access to wifi and it barely/doesn't work when I don't have wifi and it is not worth the cost at all. Any advice on how to unsubscribe and keep the app? I love the app, but upgrading is definitely not worth it!

June 19, 2017



You can unsubscribe via the App store on your device.


You can unsubscribe through the google play store if you subscribed through that.


There was a discussion about it, eg. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22202238/Introducing-Duolingo-Plus

No sure about a clear solution, I guess Zig_Zag is right.


I guess I'm in some fortunate category that doesn't have ads. I know I've never seen a single ad in the Android app. I've occasionally but rarely seen them on the website. (Now, watch, they'll give them to me.).

I've ripped the latest version of the Android app off, anyway, and reverted back a version due to the darned timed practice. Who can type fast enough in a phone or tablet to even get the first question?


I'm sorry to hear! Can you tell us why it doesn't work when there is no wifi?


i have this same issue. cannot unsubscribe on ios phone or lap top. the link to support does not provide the promised result. no option to find customer service.


I thought I paid for one month to try it out. I had no idea it was a subscription. No customer service to fix it. I like Duolingo, but this doesn't put Duolingo in a good light.


What is Duolingo Plus? Is this an iPhone thing?

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