How to report an unethical advertisment?

Hi there,

I am using Duolingo en>de in Germany.

After completing a lecture, I got a curious advertisment: "Refugee wins 800.000 euro", with a picture of a smiley guy with two little girls.

Curious about where the ad wants to arrive, I clicked and I ended up in a sponsored content article explaining that a refugee won the money in a casino mobile app and managed to reunify the family.

I hope that you agree with me that this type of advertisment is deceptive, ignorant and sad - since is leveraging on the desperation of the refugees - therefore i would like to ask to please remove this advertisment, or if is there a specific mailbox for this type of queries.

Best, D

June 19, 2017


I agree it is a very deceptive ad. Thanks for calling it out!

June 19, 2017

Thank you for the heads up! We will look into the matter and take appropriate actions.

June 22, 2017
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