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  5. "Pana theluji nje"

"Pana theluji nje"

Translation:There is snow outside

June 19, 2017



When do we use pana, kuna, mna??? A bit confused


If you have taken the directives skill, it follows similar logic.

For a definitive location, like outside, in this example, we will use pana. It is used with any specified area. Since we are specifically referring to outside here, we use pana.

If it is an indefinite location, we aren't specifying where something is located, we will use kuna.

Mna is used when we are specifying an enclosed location. For example a box, or a room. So in this sentence if we change 'nje' to 'chumbani' we must also change Pana, to mna.

I hope that helps.


Great explanation. It helped a lot.


Habari za leo - ni haki kwamba pana theluji nje - ilinyesha theluji ya mawe wiki iliopita kwenye kijiji ya Rumuruti, inchii ya Kenya


O my gosh ! In my country don't exist pinguins ! Why I should to know this word ?! =D Desert, desert....we don't have deserts. In brief - " The purpose is to teach the whole language (...) " :)


The purpose is to teach the whole language, not to teach people only certain sentences which they will be able to use only in specific certain places.

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