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How many words does Duolingo cover?

The title says it all. Approximately how many words does going through the full tree of any language teach you? How many words should you know when you graduate Duolingo? Gracias! Merci! Danke!

March 22, 2014


  • English 1952
  • French 2423
  • Italian 2784
  • Portuguese 2821
  • Spanish 2141
  • German 2385

It does not matter from which language they are taught.


Where did you obtain these numbers and why do they differ from those already mentioned?


I am an incubator mod so I can see it in the incubator. And it differs because I think especially when you use shortcuts you "miss" most of the words. For example I am one of the people who built the English for Turkish speakers course and I am 100% sure we teach 1952 words. However, I finished the English tree mostly using shortcuts and therefore I only have a word count of 1392.


I completed the Spanish tree using no shortcuts, and my word bank shows 1575. I have seen Luis mention in another thread that the course teaches around a 3000. You're saying 2141. I will say that even after I finished the course, while strengthening skills, I sometimes see unfamiliar words. Does Duo continue to introduce new words even after you have completed the course, without showing any changes to your word count? It would be nice to get an accurate word count so that I may assess my level.


I am not sure. but I just realized that my counts include some word forms, and probably in the word counts of users, they are counted as one (for example in the incubator drink-drank-drunk may count as 3 words, but 1 for user word count)


Yes. It continues to introduce new words the more you practice. I'm at 2,724 words in Spanish. I'm 52% fluent on level 23. It all depends how fast you go. If you race through, or test out, you'll see less words.

Just do tools practice tests over and over again, and your word count will slowly grow. But the higher It gets, the slower It adds new words. It took me like a month to get from 2,700 to 2,724.

It also matters which software you are using. I actually have two seperate Duo apps on my phone, and they are very different. Don't ask me to explain.


That's so weird. I just decided to take up Spanish here, and tested out of a bunch of lessons about an hour ago, and was placed on level 10 with 52% fluency. I don't really understand how we can be on different levels but have the same fluency. I think the reason I didn't test higher was because of missing tildes and one word I didn't recognize? This is an interesting thread.


Thank you for the information then! Please tell me- what are the shortcuts? I've never used one.


you can find them on your tree as "test out of ..." Alt text

or in the skills Alt text


Thanks for the information! Is there anywhere to find a LIST of the words that Duolingo teaches in any given language?


@Selcen_Ozturk, Thank you for this information!


I gave a lingot finally


thanks for this info


These numbers can't be right. At least they are not the ones that appear on the Progress panel. From the comments below, and my own experience, the word counts when the tree is finished are (give or take a few...) :

English ----- 1397

Spanish ----- 1575

French ----- 1848

Italian ----- 1791

I'm looking for the Portuguese and German word count. Anyone with the tree finished or better yet, with the tree recently finished, care to help?


Finishing a tree is great, but when you continue to practice after that by strengthening skills, you will find that you are taught more words as you continue to practice. I believe that once you reach level 25 (30000 XP), you have seen every word in the course.


That is incorrect. I reached level 25 in German over a year ago and am still getting new words. I see below I had 2451 nine months ago and now I'm at 2874.

Edit. Now at 3350 in German


I currently have 3528 Italian Words and it's still rising. Very, very slowly!


I now have 3224 in German. Not sure if the vocabulary of the stories is counted but I think not.


I thought maybe I had come to the end. Now at 3350 and that number isn't changing very fast, but I'm only doing one lesson a day, the cracked eggs. I also haven't done stories in a long time. I really need to get back into things.


I finished the tree this week and my word count is currently 3209. This includes the 2 bonus slots


Those numbers are right, but probably include some "forms", which are not included in your list. for example in the incubator go went gone counts as 3 words, but in your list 1 word


I'll give you a lingot when I have enough


I finished my Spanish tree with 2190 words


I am almost 58% fluent, 2 weeks shy of level #23 in Spanish and my word count is 2711. I am, therefore, guessing that it takes around 3000 words to be 59% fluent on Duolingo. I read somewhere that one can be reasonably fluent at 3,000 words which is the total that another user gave as the possible word count on Duolingo. That makes sense to my experience and that posted by JonneZomer at level 18 above. I also read that one would be considered to be close to 100% fluent only at 5,000-10,000 words.

There is a correlation between Duolingo's fluency rankings and user on-going word counts. And neither the word count or the fluency rate increases unless the user routinely does the timed quizzes in each section. Fluency is determined by how many of the answers on the timed quizzes come from your own brain. To get to the maximum 20 correct answers on each timed quiz consistently there is not time to look up an answer....which is the purpose of a timed quiz.


It says you are 58% fluent, but realistically you are not close to being fluent, duolingo maximum gets you to A2 level, you cannot become fluent by only using duolingo, thats silly, go talk to native speakersand you will find out.


This corresponds to my experience. Three years on Duo German, 700+ day without skipping, most of the stories... I have learned a lot of German but I just was tested and only made level A2.


I did the German tree just for fun skipping nearly all the normal exercises by using the optional test-outs wherever possible. (I was already reasonably fluent in German, although it is not my native language). This instantly brought me to skill level 63% but my word count was only about 1100. So there does not seem to be a correlation between words you know and skill level. After completing the tree, my word count increased by about 10 for each round of practice, but now I am stuck at 1235; whatever I do, I do not get any new words.


I am pretty convinced that the "practice skills" also introduces several sentences we do not get in the individual lessons (and vice versa).

But, I know that timed practices are not tied to the (kind-of-arbitrary) fluency score as I have never done a timed practice and I have fluency. :)

Duo's official word on fluency markers:

Well done on your German knowledge. :)


You have to go through each lesson individually. Over and over and over. Some lessons have 10 parts, so there are about 450 lessons, lets say.

Start from the beginning, do all 450 lessons, without making a mistake, and then come back and tell me you only have 1200 words.

The program is unpredictable. It can ask you the same stupid question over and over, and then surprise you with something you've never seen before. Plus, the early lessons become harder, once they add knowledge gained in later lessons.


Doing the whole tree one lesson at a time and then strengthening will expose you to more stuff than just testing out.


I'm curious to know ! (I was really looking for the very same question) do you count conjugations genders and plurals as duolingo does (things like 'gato', 'gatas', 'gatos') or your count is about the actual different terms and verbs we are going to learn?


Getting there. Cheers! :D


German; at least 3224 which is what I have. As if 5/4/2020 I have 3226. Must be nearing the end... Does anyone know if the words in the stories are added to the word count? There are many new words and expressions there.


Wow, you have been awarded more lingots than i've ever earned! ; )


I have given you a lingot please keep it safe, use it for some grand purpose


The German was updated a while ago. Are there more words now?


I'm up to 2451 now after the most recent course extension.

Edit, as of April 29, 2017, 2563 in German. Edit, as of May 7, 2017, 2583. Edit, as of May 18, 2613. edit, as of June 6, 2652. Edit, as of June 18, 2680. Edit, as of July 30, 2733.

Edit, as of 9/5, at 2744 Edit, as of 11/14, I'm at 2836. As of 8/31/18 (took six months off), 2874.

As of 1/2/19 at 2924 As of 8/8/19 at 3014 As of 10/22/19 at 3132 As of 10/28/19, at 3143 As of 11/8/19, at 3163

As of 2/26/20, 3201 As of 6/16/20, 3210. Things have slowed down a lot. As of 7/25/20, 3328


Thanks Elizabeth, appreciate the updates! I am sitting on 2570 - good to know there are a few more words in there.


I am at 2765. They continue to add some very useful words. I would like to see them go all the way to ~3000.


I have finished the new updated German tree and my count is showing 2026. Does that match what others have told you?


Lots more words. I am at 2765.


Do you know how many?


Wow, you learn many languages


Hi Selcen. Do you have any idea what the current word count for German is?


As of now, Spanish has 2572 words.


I'm coming back to my tree after some time away from Duo and it says my Spanish words learned is 2700. Do you have any of the bonus skills? (I'm still missing the Christmas one.)


I have flirting and idioms as bonuses


I accidently deleted the comment where I said I would give a lingot when I have enough, but here is the lingot I owe you for helping me out :)


I finished the English course, but it appears that I learned 913 words, how do I learn the other words covered by Duolingo?


Thanks so much for this! I have always wondered


I wonder if any have increased since this post? Ive only been around a couple of months.


This is dated. I'm up to 2,438 words in Spanish, and counting. I'm on level 20, and 48% fluent, so I would guess it would still be holding out on at least a couple hundred words.

I imagine the Duolingo servers are upgraded constantly, adding new words and sentence configurations, etc..


what I d love to know is whether in this discussion you all are talking of "words" like different lemmas or you comprehend into that number (1952 for English for instance) the different forms of the same lemma like 'go' 'goes' 'gone' 'went' for the lemma 'to go' and plurals and gender for languages with feminine and masculine or any other grammatical peculiariry that declines a lemma into its different forms. When a dictionary advertises about the numeber of words it contains it says the number of lemmas though they call it 'words', only in order to simplify


Good question and I am not sure of the answer but... I think the word count does not include inflected forms of any word. Buch and Bücher count as one word. Same goes for verbs; gehen,gehe, geht, ging; one word.


I think most of us are looking at the Words page (http://www.duolingo.com/words) and the count at the top. On that page, der, die, das, Fisch, Fische, etc. are all listed separately. I have to assume they are counted separately as well.


That would make sense Elizabeth. I am not sure what the real answer is.


I am sure about this, for Spanish words I see clearly that counts plurals as separate words and even conjugation (you can see that yourself since you also learn Spanish I see) For Dutch it even counts some sentences ! And not idiomatic, strange phrasal stuff that takes another meaning, but stuff like 'Dank je' (thank you) 'Dank je wel' (thanks a lot) 'Dank u wel' (thanks a lot) So NO guys: word count doesn't count, really


I am know what you say is true. But it’s not an absolute measure, but a comparison. You can check and see if You gaining. It’s a bit like calories on a tread mill it doesn’t give the exact calories but you know if you’ve done more or less than in days past. It’s purely for motivation.


it shows 2468 in french


I finished french tree with 2619 words


But as you continue to practice, you will get more words. Finishing the tree does not get you all the words.


right, the tree just means you saw all the grammar one time and are ready to dive in to the remaining 75 percent or so of the course. it is a great thing to finish but Duo does MUCH more after the tree. the exceptions, the weirder tenses, the false friends....


That's frustrating. Generally speaking, you need 10,00 words to become fluent and 20,000 to be able to read a book and understand it. However, it is a jumping-off point for continuing to learn a language!


Hi MDoulos,

Here are the language stats for several of the languages (this was before anything came out of the Incubator, so some courses are missing.) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1015809


Link is dead. Can you please relink?


Thank you very much!


Seems like there's some facetious and pedantic responses on here. If you think duo lingo is the be all and end all to your learning then you're probably the type of person that doesn't want to put any effort in or genuinely learn the language! Just do it! Add it to your knowledge and continue with your immersion and independent study! If it is genuinely aide goal of yours to learn any new language you will keep seeking out new ways to learn! Duo lingo is great! Don't knock it! I wish they had this years ago when I was at school! (And no I don't work for duo lingo!) Buy some relevant books Watch some films Subscribe to news channels and pages of interest in your chosen new language! Have fun! And chill out!!!!


As an academic curiosity, one would like to get some idea how comprehensive Duo is. But I agree, that it seems some people have gone as far as they can go on Duo, but are still trying to rationalize its use.

Duo can be a little frustrating because it asked you easy questions over and over, but some are difficult. Of none are difficult, it's time to move on.


I am at level 25 and duolingo tell me that I know 2933 words. If I keep doing more practice it seems to go up very slowly. I'm not sure why. Additionally, I've been at 58% fluency for several levels and months and I can't figure out what to do to get to a higher percent.. Any insight out there. thx


You have the highest amount of words in this post and also the highest fluency rate I have seen so far. May I ask if all of your words are also on full strength? Because I have a feeling that might be the last step to make the fluency be at its maximal. The maximal fluency level you can achieve for any language is supposed to be between 50-60% as of July 2016. So I am second guessing here but if your word strength bars are not full that would mean 60% is the highest you can achieve by having all words on full strength. (http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Fluency) Curious to know if my answer helps!


I'm at 70%, and have seen others report 77%.


I've heard as high as 70%. The higher you get, the more difficult it is to squeeze extra percentage points out.

You say you've been at 58% for two months. You can't possibly be saying you do lessons every day, and never make a mistake -- even a typo.

Have you mastered Duo? Is it child's play? I doubt it. If so, why would you even be using it? Just to get a higher score?

Start at lesson 1, part 1. Do every lesson (all 400 plus of them). Don't make more than a rare mistake. Of your score still doesn't go up, then your wasting your time anyway. You're beyond Duo.

That said, there's a rumor that the timed quizes can raise your score. Whether that's true or not, it usually endless quizzes without a single mistake that get you another percentage point.


Swahili will have around 2450 words.


It has been proven that 3000 words cover about 98% of a language. Will all languages move on until they have about 3000 words? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0yGdNEWdn0



I wonder the same thing. It's not just any 3000 words, though, it's 3000 of the most used words. Does DuoLingo base its vocabulary on word frequency?


Good point.

Why apples and carrots? Why knives and spoons, but no forks. Why bed and bed sheet, but no pillow case?

3,000 would likely be sufficient, if they were exactly the proven most common 3,000 every day words.

That said, if you finish duolingo, you could probably be air dropped into a mountain village in the 1987th century, and get by. Within a couple weeks you'd probably be pretty comfortable.


it takes 3000 words to get by and understand everyday talk mostly. But you really can communicate on intelectual level and start to understand a language in a deeper level at 10,000+ words. That said some languages do have common words or grammer rules which makes it easier. For example French, Italian, Spanish and Portoguese have some similiar words and grammar is very close. Also English and German has some intersections.


As of today Duolingo gives me credit for knowing 4686 words.


Spanish = 1571 words


Wow. Really? That's it? I expected at least a few thousand.


That's it. Not near enough to declare one's self 'fluent,' huh? ;)


Nope. I guess that's where Immersion comes in. :) Duolingo probably teaches enough that Immersion can do the rest right? Have a lingot.


Perhaps. But immersion does little for one's listening/speaking skills, IMO.


Social media then? Youtube? Skype?


==> For late joiners, Duo used to have an immersion thing that was mostly translation of written material. That vanished some months back.

I couldn't post this to the member it was directed to, for some reason.


i have 2848 words in Spanish


65 Skills, 399 Lessons, 1791 words for Italian


Thanks, have a lingot. :)


You're very kind! Thank you for the lingot! I am struggling with double object pronouns today!


I don't know what that means! I never studied grammar until Duolingo required me to. :P


@MDoulos, I know the feeling! My suggestion, go one step at a time and learn what each of those mean.

I'm redoing my tree for two reasons: a) I slacked off using half hearts as an excuse to not work harder (half hearts was a test group), and 2) I didn't understand the grammar terms and I didn't push myself through the frustration to figure them out via Google and asking others for clarification. Don't do what I did!!! ;)


French: 68 skills (71 with bonus skills), 353 lessons (362 with bonus skills) and 1848 words (without bonus skills; the word counter for bonus skills is not included in the general word counter - no idea why).

At the end of the tree, your reading ability will be roughly at a B1 level, so that you will understand enough to learn new vocabulary by immersion and context.

Have fun =)


What is this "B1" level of which you speak? Is there an internationally recognised standard for language proficiency? If so can you give me more details please, at the very least what it's called. ~Thanks!


Dzięki za odpowiedż!


What is the third bonus skill? I only have flirting and idioms. I have a completed tree, one free slot and tons of lingots, so it's very frustrating (mainly because I'm silly)!


I bought a Christmas skill for Spanish a long time ago that I can still access on my tree. Maybe it was only available around the holidays? I'm looking at my Portuguese tree right now and the Christmas skill isn't currently available.


Yep, the Christmas skill is only available to buy around holiday time.


2141 for Spanish, phew. I'm pretty far up the tree and only at 250 words, I guess it really ramps up. Good to know, my research has informed me you need around 2000 to 3000 words to cover 90% of every day conversation in a language and from their you can fill in the blanks from the context. I'm keen to start immersing myself in the Spanish language but can still only pick up bits here and there, so it should be a lot more enjoyable once I get the vocabulary to a decent level.

Got my slow news podcast ready to go and my Mexico City VPN and Mexican Netflix standing by :)


Where can i see my word count? I've seen it before but since the new thing with the coach I just can't find it anymore..


in duolingo.com home screen, just click Words in the top blue bar. It'll be in grey at the top of the list of words you've learned.


Is this still viewable? I can't seem to find it... maybe they've changed the layout and taken it away....


It's still there as long as you are using the website and not the app. Tabs in blue up the top. Click Words. Word count is written in grey.

  • 1904

It's still there

Only for some of the languages.


It's not visible on the Android app.


With the new levels added to French a few days ago, has the word count changed?


Yes. I have finished some of the updated lessons, and in "Words" now I see 1877 instead of 1848. I still miss 16 updated lessons. A brand new French course for my language (Italian) is on the go. Maybe this is the reason for the update.


I just finished to "gild" back my French tree, and the new words count is 1935. That includes all the three bonus lessons.


What new levels?


"New French Tree! New words/lessons to learn!" www.duolingo.com/comment/7256229


I am showing 2032 words in German with the new additional lessons added in. That is fewer than the 2385 shown below. I have taken no shortcuts.


2898 is my current word count as of 4/26/2018


I started studying Italian in July, 2014 and completed the tree at one year. It's now December, 2015 and I just checked the Words tab -- 4028.


I wonder, 28 months later, what your word count is now? BTW... Impressive streak!


My Spanish tree now shows 2614 words (it was 2584 when I finished the tree).

Updates: 5 March - 2651. 3 April - 2715


Do all lingo continues slowly to give me credit for knowing new words. I finished all the lessons about a year ago. Back then I knew 2800 words approximately. Now I'm up to 3010. It usually takes me about a month or two to get for five more words. I don't know when it will end.


Sorry i dont know, but how do you see how many words you have learned so far please?


On the website, desktop or full site view, click on Words in the menu strip.


Thanks. Ive only ever used the app before. Now i know. Ive given you 5 lingots for helping me out. Enjoy :)


Thanks! I need them!


I'm up to 2,724 in Spanish, and counting. But as it gets higher, new words come slower and slower. Also, if you race through, or test out of sections, you'll see less words. The more hours you practice, and the more times you redo sections, the more words you'll see.


I second what you said! It's very true.


I just started level 24 in Spanish, and duolingo says I have 3008 words under my belt


I just saw Duolingo added 57 new modules to Spanish. Does anyone have any idea what an updated number would be?


I have 5315 for Spanish. I wish extra vocabulary could be added for new levels of each lesson.


4642, Spanish--was wondering how many more to go. Working on level 4 of 7--in regards to working through the lessons and getting the gold. Definitely feel comprehension much better. Still having to slow down the audio most of the time in order to comprehend. The league part is a love/hate relationship. Figured out how to get on league with my daughter and really increases motivation to get to top 10. But then there is life...


Per Duolingo I now know 5643 words.


In one language? Which language?


I did the Spanish tree in 2 days. It put me at level 11. I then proceeded to gain more xp points doing endless reviews and got to level 13 after 4 days. I don't think my word count has moved from 1575. I have completed the idioms and chat up lines bonus section. The only thing I haven't done yet is the timed quiz and the extended quiz (which I've just bought for 35 lingots)


Are you kidding ? In two days entire tree ? No way youre gonna retain it if you are a first timer.


Wow! Two days? I'm very impressed. Have you retained what you learned?


The ONLY way you could finish the whole course in 2 days would be if you already knew a fair amount of Spanish and were using Duolingo as a booster


I'd been learning Spanish for 5 years before I logged on.


Duolingo says I only have 684 words, but I finished the tree and I'm level 11. I tested out of more than half of the levels and always tried to clear whole levels by testing out of them when I could. And it says I'm only 43% Fluent since i've used Duolingo on and off. Is that normal?


the tree is about grammar - it does not at all go through all the words. those come later.

  • 2001

i show 2391 words so far in mine


Good question! I also would like to know but I can not find a definitive answer anywhere.


When I finished the Italian tree I was around 2000 words. After that the word count gradually increased. Now, at level 19, I am at 3102. It's been stuck there the last few days so maybe I've hit the ceiling.


When I finished the Italian tree I had 1800 words, now 6 months later I am on 3649 Words. Hopefully it will keep on increasing! :D


That's impressive. I'm at 3170 words in Italian. My goal is to be able to do timed reviews in every part of the tree. I'm about halfway there.


I am on 3742 Words now :)


I have 2909 in Spanish and wondering if there are many more?


2776 in Spanish on 28 January 2016. I've completed the Spanish tree since August 2014 and have been practising it on and off. If memory serves, it was around 1700 words then. From my observation, new words do come in from time to time but I am not sure how exactly it works.


How to increase more words? I checked my vocabulary lists and I saw I have less than 1000 words.


I'm doing the reverse tree: Spanish to English and I've completed that tree (though I'm still trying to get most of it golden)

There are 1035 words for the Spanish to English, at least that's what I have.


I have the same question regarding the Swedish tree. Also, how do you even know how many you've all covered?! Do some trees tell you more about your progress than others? As far as I can tell, the Swedish one tells you nothing about your progress other than seeing how many lessons you've done/still remain. Tack!


I get a 'words' link on the navigation bar for my French tree, but that disappears when I switch to my Danish tree, so it looks like only some have the word count feature available.


in swedish I do not see the way. in spanish, from the home page, next to Discussion and Labs is "Words" and that screen shows the word count.


I have finished the tree in Spanish and have exactly 1600 words. I'm only at level 14 so does that mean I will continue to learn more words? As I strengthen each lesson, do they keep getting more advanced?


I gilded my French 10 months ago and my Spanish tree a couple months later. The word count on the "Words" tab keeps increasing as I continue practicing; it has increased today for both languages. I can't tell if Duolingo is revising the curriculum or these words are already in the curriculum but are being withheld until I reach a certain level of attainment. There's probably some of both. FYI, my current word counts are 2697 for French (level 21) and 2717 for Spanish (level 20). Something to look forward to, and to keep practicing!


That's awesome. I'm very excited about having so many new words to look forward to.


Two days later: French 2717, Spanish 2721.


Hello ! What I d love to know is whether in this discussion you all are talking of "words" like different lemmas or you comprehend into that number (1952 for English, 2141 for Spanish according to some comments I read for instance) the different forms of the same lemma, like 'go' 'goes' 'gone' 'went' for the lemma 'to go' and plurals and gender for languages with feminine and masculine or any other grammatical peculiariry that declines a lemma into its different forms. When a dictionary advertises about the numeber of words it contains it says the number of lemmas though they call it 'words', only in order to simplify. That's the only usefull way to count the words of a dictionary but I m in fear this is not the case. Tell me if I m wrong and if there's a way to actually count Duo s words. Thank you


Not sure what "lemma" is, but they do count variations when relevant like in Portuguese the word form can be quite different in plural than in singular.

You can find your own word lists (of words learned on Duo) for each of your languages at this link with the number at the top:



German 46% fluency, level 17 and it shows I know ~1400 words


My word count is currently at 4102


For what language? It makes a huge difference.


I’m at 3810 pet Duolingo now.


The Spanish tree was updated in June 2018: I've learned 3593 words after 2.5 years on Duolingo (having completed all lessons of the tree). I suspect the number may vary some depending on when you start as lessons have changed (and will likely go up over time as they add more lessons).


Through “strengthening skills” I am up to 4086 words. Often I have no idea what new word I learn.

[deactivated user]

    I'm at 4381. I joined 5/29/2016.

    That's the web count which may be different from the app, not sure.


    After 2.5 years of Spanish on Duolingo, how proficient do you feel actually speaking/listening to the language? I just started last week (around 500 words right now) and am focused on eventually being able to converse fluently in Spanish.

    [deactivated user]

      Before I came to Duolingo, I read a small book, titled 'see it and say it in Spanish' by Margarita Madrigal which gave me an idea how to use Spanish.

      Then I found Duolingo. Duolingo teaches most of the everyday common words. Duolingo helps build reading, writing and listening comprehension. Most users don’t use the microphone option therefore speaking Spanish may be a bit more difficult, unless you practice out loud to yourself or converse with others.

      Also, just recently I read - “The Everything Learning Spanish Book: Speak, Write, and Understand Basic Spanish in No Time” by Frank H. Zambrano. Having been with Duolingo I knew most of the material, but not all. It helped me some key elements of Spanish usage along with learning more nouns. verbs, etc.

      Duolingo is a tool to help build your reading/ writing vocabulary and comprehension. To be fluent you’ll need to build upon what Duolingo teaches adding new words, nouns, verbs, etc.

      Currently Duolingo uses about 240 verbs, the most important ones, I know over 700 now from various sources. Also many more nouns are to be learned.

      So Duolingo teaches you how to become fluent. Doing the lessons help you to use and understand Spanish easier and eventually faster.

      A child doesn’t learn how to speak overnight, maybe good by 2.5/3 years, 5 years, etc. I think the learning process would be about the same, faster for some.

      I believe you have to know the material/words first before you can understand.

      When a Spanish speaker talks often I recognize every word that is said, but it’s hard for me to put it all together quickly. The next two years I’ll be working on better comprehension.

      The Duolingo stories are good, I’ve watched some cartoons and other videos on YouTube. I’d recommend movies in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

      I actually live not far from the Mexico border in a mostly bilingual Spanish/English city, so most of the signs, posters, bus schedules, basically everything are in Spanish/English. I can read them now. I’m becoming fluent at reading. It’s great because I can now read things on the internet, message boards, etc.

      I did live in Mexico for a while, 8 months, and I remembered some Spanish from when I was there, but I know much more now. I knew just enough then how to get by in the store, post office, etc.


      I don't have (or make?) a lot of opportunities to practice my Spanish with others, but when I do I feel I can coherently converse in common conversation. Having finished the tree I've been listening to some Spanish podcasts and news to supplement. As a result I feel my comprehension is improving while speaking ability is lagging. I would like to travel to a Spanish-speaking country as I believe my skills would quickly take off.

      Bottom line: I'm not fluent but am on my way as an Intermediate level Spanish speaker. (perhaps similar to a 4 or 5 year-old native speaker)


      Standard deviation aside, this is a great thread. Thanks for starting!


      a lot has changed I guess...


      4516 french Words. Completed course. Not fully golded. 2019 11


      Glad I read this I would like to get to 5000 words and I am half way through the course on 2667 words


      I started as a learner who has been to France too many times to count. I feel I have a very large French vocabulary but very poor grammar. I have been able to make myself understood without forming proper sentences, and have been able to understand when spoken to slowly and simply. Since learning with duo I feel I have a much better grasp of the language and I felt that my communication skills when I went to France were much better after two months with duo. I have 2667 words on my word count only about 10 of which are completely new to me and a few more which I would not recall easily. I have been working my way through the levels and I am on level 4, with an XP of 15235. I cannot comment on whether my fluency is entirely due to duo because I have spent time talking to French people and watching French movies, but it is much much better than it was. I felt that previously I was stringing words that I knew together and making myself understood and now I feel more confident that I am putting words in the right order, with conjugation and tenses. I still find French very difficult. Even with the 2667 words on duo and the hundreds of words that I know that duo has not counted yet I feel no where near fluent. Duo is an excellent tool to helping understand and speak a language and I have benefited hugely, but fluency is something else! I will get there and thank you duo for being part of the journey.


      By the way I was much more fluent in Cambodian after a short time of learning than French because it has a much smaller vocabulary and few grammar rules.


      Over 5,000 on the Spanish Tree. My word counter is at 4843 now and I still have twenty topics to cover before the tree is finished.


      sounds about right. I am at the checkpoint at the middle of level 2 and my wordcount is 1365. Wordcount aside, I'd feel comfortable making my way around a city without using english , which is awsome considering I started learning just for fun and to get something good out of this pandemic lockdown and it's been mostly a morning coffee/late night glass of wine thing for me. (full disclosure, my native language is Romanian, very similar phonetically and also a latin language so many phrase structures came very handy... although I am doing the tree from english , I realize that I am actually thinking in Romanian when studying spanish , although I generally don't do that anymore, having lived in an english speaking country for years now)


      For Spanish, Duolingo tells me that I know 5835 words.


      That's good to know. Have you completed the Spanish tree?


      Yes. A long time ago.


      Duolingo is devised in a way that (if you don't pay attention) give's you the impression to learn a lot of words, but in fact, for almost every language, you learn half the number of 'words' or even a quarter... take romance languages: if a word is counted for the singular and the plural, and if that's an adjective, as feminine/masculine you end up with four words instead of one (ridiculous to say that 'bello', 'bella', 'belli' and 'belle' are four different words in Italian, that's the word beautiful, pretty, for singular, plural, male and female ! ) That's why all the numbers you're giving are not satisfactory. One should count the real lemmas given for every course, to have true statistics, but Duo doesn't seem designed to do this simple task. P.s my Dutch course counts as words even expressions (so phrases!) like 'dank u', 'dank u wel', 'dank je wel'...


      Okay, another thing is that you have to keep practicing.


      German: 925 days no miss.

      I would like to know if the words from the Stories are included in the word count. I have been gold on all the crowns for more than a year and a half. My word count grows but only very slowly at this point. However I know that there is a lot of new words and expressions in the stories. Anyone?


      I've checked several times right after finishing a story and I've never had it increase even though the story had many words that were new to me.


      Yes Elizabeth. My experience as well.


      German. I am now at 3305 words


      I have heard the Norwegian course is around 2000


      German: I have nearly completed the course with level 1 on most sections and have 2480 words.


      I have finished all levels and all stories and been doing Duo for about five years. German word count:3393

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