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Improve the terminology of some questions

I'm studying German with Duolingo, and it really helps me to learn. The problem is, some of the phrases/sentences make little or no sense. For example:

We eat an apple - Wir essen einen Apfel Does this mean that a family of 5 or something are all munching on the same apple, or you buy an apple at the corner store to share with your friends? Pretty much, but I don't really see anyone sharing apples at all...

There are a lot more sentences like this if have run into, but I don't have the time to hunt them down. All I'm saying is, vocabulary is important, but using it to make reasonable examples to help learn it should be treated importantly as well

June 19, 2017



Hi Dave first, I sometimes share a single apple with my family, so there is at least some use in this sentence. Second, they say Duo wants to help you to construct a sentence, so if you can work with a stupid sentence (the blue elephant eats a yellow fish) you can likely work with it in everyday situations. Sometimes, stupid sentences stick better than intelligent ones ;-) If you are looking for a language course simply filled with vacation vocabulary, you might have to look elsewhere.

PS: at first I had my own problems with some of the examples, but they get better the longer you work with the material.


The sentence is correct: I 'eat an apple' and you 'eat an apple', so we 'eat an apple'. It has a certain logic to it, although it seems strange when you look at the number of apples that are actually being eaten.

We also say "Lasst uns ein Eis essen gehen", expecting that everybody will have his own cone of ice cream.

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